2019 Dive Plan

ThursWeekendDiveDeparture Point
May 23Lock 28 / Connie (shore)Cardinal
May 30Rothesay (shore)Prescott
Jun 6Lillie drift (UnderWhere)Brockville
Jun 8 (am)Lock 23 (shore)Morrisburg
Jun 13Brockville Centeen Park (shore)Brockville
Jun 20Muskie [Advanced] (UnderWhere)Brockville
Jun 22 (am)drifts ex. Ash & Hill Island (1000 Islands)Ivy Lea
Jun 27Lock 28 and Connie (shore)Cardinal
Jul 4Daryaw [Advanced] (UnderWhere)Brockville
Jul 6 (am)Muskie [Advanced] and Gaskin (UnderWhere)Brockville
Jul 11Morrison Quarry (shore)Wakefield, QC
Jul 13 (am)SVD Pig Roast / Eastcliff Hall dive.Chrysler Park Marina
Jul 18drift (UnderWhere)Brockville
Jul 25Lock 21 (shore)Ingleside /Long Sault
Jul 27 (pm)Daryaw [Advanced] and Lillie (UnderWhere)Brockville
Aug 1drift (UnderWhere)Brockville
Aug 8Lock 23 (shore)Morrisburg
Aug 10 (pm)Keystorm& America [Advanced] (1000 Islands)Ivy Lea
Aug 15Muskie [Advanced] (UnderWhere)Brockville
Aug 22Lock 28 and Connie (shore)Cardinal
Aug 24 (am)Kingston x 2 [Advanced] (Kingston Dive Charters)Kingston
Aug 25 (am)Kingston x 2 [Advanced] (Steve Flaherty)Kingston
Aug 29drift (UnderWhere)Brockville
Sep 5Rothesay (shore)Prescott
Sep 7 (am)Vickery and Kinghorn [Advanced] (1000 Islands)Ivy Lea
Sep 12Brockville Centeen Park /Gaskin (shore)Brockville
Oct 19 (am)Lock 28 and Connie (shore)Cardinal

To sign up and pay for all dives go to the Book King website.  Shore dives are free, but the Book King system will still be used to track attendance.
In the “Catalog Search Criteria” area, select “Club Year 2019”.
Under “Recreational Clubs” on the left column, you will see, “Forces Sub-Aqua Club”.  Select the dive of choice and then register for it.

If you are having difficulties with the on-line registration system, send an email to divesignup.
Preference for dives goes to members who have paid in advance for dives.

Thurs Night Dives:
Dive Details: RV: 1830 hrs, Depart: 1900 hrs.

Departure from: St. Lawrence Park (525 King Street West) in Brockville. About 30 metres west of the main park entrance is a dirt service road that will take you right down to the dock area. There is no charge for parking.

Additional dive coordination details can be found here.

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